Homeowners Association

Procedure to Establish New Rules


Retreat on the Blue Covenant and Rules Enforcement

Every HOA, whether it is a condo association like the ROTB or other multi-family arrangement, has a set of Rules and Regulations that govern how their particular association operates. In the case of the ROTB, the condominium Board of Directors periodically updates our Rules and Regulations as necessary for the overall safety and well-being of our residents. This process has been in existence since the condo complex was first built in 2002. Prior to March of 2020, the most recent published ROTB Rules and Regulations update was published in June of 2018.

Back in 2015, every HOA in the state of CO was required to adopt a set of policies that are intended to govern how the HOA operates. The state issued a standard set of default policies for which a given HOA could modify as necessary to meet their needs. One particular policy is what is called a Covenant and Rules Enforcement Policy. The condo ROTB Board met and approved all of our policies in May of 2015.

Starting in early 2019, the ROTB Condo Board, working with our ACCU manager at the time, began to document new updates to our Rules and Regulations by means of an official resolution that is discussed and voted on at a board meeting. Any new update to an existing rule or the addition of a new rule will be documented by an approved resolution signed by the condo president. Once the resolution is approved, the official set of Rules and Regulations will be updated and posted on our website. We now have our own website at https://www.retreatontheblue.org to support this. 

In the particular case of our official Rules and Regulations, the condo Board has taken the position that our published Rules and Regulations document will continue to be the place where we will document the association’s rules and the penalties that will result from rule violations. As such, any fines specified in our Rules and Regulations document will take precedence over the default fines set in the Covenant and Rules Policy.